Urinary tract infections: cranberry, a myth?

For years, we have heard that the cranberry would, by consuming it either in juice or in tablets, to fight against female urinary tract infections. Health on the Net takes stock.

What is cystitis?The term "urinary tract infections" actually refers to all infections located in the bladder. They are more commonly seen in women than in men. It is considered that 40 to 50% of women have at least one infection of this type in their lifetime.

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To know ! 90% of cystitis is caused by the bacterium E. Coli which migrates into the urethra when it is usually present in the digestive tract.

Cystitis can manifest itself with various symptoms such as:

Burning during urination (the action of urinating);Sensation of weight in the lower abdomen;Urge and very frequent urge to urinate;Urine cloudy, may contain some blood.However, it should be noted that cystitis does not cause fever or back pain.

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Very common, cystitis can be favored by various factors such…