Are herbs good for skin? Tammy's honest opinion and experience.

A little over ten years ago, I pondered that same question.

Are Herbs G ood For Skin ?” I decided to share my experiences with herbs because it changed my life.

I had been dealing with acne since my early teens.

I went to a Dermatologist to get treatment for my acne and scars. I was put on birth control, used antibiotic, used creams, and facial cleansers. I was also given prescription drugs which came with side effects .

Pills for the skin

I wanted to cure my issue of the skin and not just suppress it. But in order to cure the skin’s ailment, I first needed to know what is the skin.

What is the skin?

Picture of an arm that uses herbs for skin.

The skin is the largest organ on your body and the most visible one. Healthy skin is beautiful and it is normally an indication of good health. The skin also manufactures vitamin D.

It helps regulate body temperature, keeps moisture in, keeps out harsh chemicals, and microorganism(especially a bacterium that causes disease).

It makes perfect sense that you strive to maintain its health, juvenility, and clarity.

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The physical discomfort of problem skin can undermine confidence and even become socially unnerving.

Back to My testimonial!

I decided I had enough and there had to be others alternatives to my skin’s ailment. That’s when I started researching herbs for the healing of my body. I started experimenting with drinking teas that had different herbs and root in them.

I compared the herbs to over the counter medicine for the skin. I had no side effects and my skin began to clear up. My skins actually started to have a glow.

cup of herbal tea

I had random people stop me and say “Your skin looks amazing and what are you doing to get that glow on your face?”.

They stated that my face was so clear and vibrant.

I had been drinking the teas for two months and used the herbs from the tea on my face. Within that time frame, there had not been any outbreaks of acne. The scars on face had cleared.

My face was bright and had a beautiful glow. My skin was also very soft (That came from my husband’s mouth). Those words alone were all I needed to boost my efforts of continued research.

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What Herbs can do for Your Skin !

photo of herbs for the skinHerbs are gentle on the skin, but tough on skin’s conditions. Herbs have the ability to fight free radicals and hold back enzymatic degradation.

Herbs promote collagen (the compound in your body that maintains the elasticity of your skin) and could prevent wrinkles coalescence. It also possess antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

There are numbers of herbs that can reduce inflammation, discourage infection, restore your hormones to their normal condition, protect against damage from sunlight, and promote healing.

My Son’s tick bites healed with Herbs

Now, what I really wanted to share is how it healed the tick bites my son had received. My son who is a fourteen years old aspiring actor was filming a movie scene which took place in the woods.

He had to sit on the ground behind a tree to hide from being captured. When the scene was over, we left out of the woods to head back to base camp.

My son started changing his wardrobe and to our surprise, he was covered with these tiny tick bites.

We had to remove them very carefully. I finally got all the little suckers off. He was seen by medical on set and they said he was good to go.

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photo of small ticks

Well, later that night the area where the bite had been started to swell up with pus and was itching really bad. I ran some warm bath water and placed different herbs in the water. I let it set for about twenty minutes.

Afterwards, I told my son to get in the tub for thirty minutes. We did this treatment for two days. The bites and swelling was completely gone. There was no sign of the pus filled boils that was there prior.

Now, some years earlier he had a tick bite to the head, we had to go to a Dermatologist. He had to cut the boil open and drain the area.

The Dermatologist told us that my son had an allergic reaction to the saliva that the tick leaves behind. This happens when you pull the tick off the body.

More about Herbs

There are herbs containing among other things a compound called alpha-bisobolol, which reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles .

In other words, it makes your skin look younger and provides excellent antioxidant protection to cells.

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You wonder how this is done? Well, Herbs improve the skin texture by boosting hydration and skin smoothness and reducing roughness.

Some herbs are loaded with alkaloids that protect skin cells from oxidative stress and damage. This keeps your skin healthy and the signs of aging at bay.

Conclusion: Are Herbs Good For Skin?

There’s no doubt herbs have earned their rightful place as an effective skin remedy. That is why companies use small amounts in skin care and cosmetic products.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on commercial skin products if there are natural herbs that are better for you.

So the answer to the question: Are Herbs Good For Skin in my honest opinion; the answer is YES !

I hope you found this article help ful! If you have any other questions, feel free to leave it in the comments below!