Bill Henderson Cancer Protocol – Everything you need to know

Bill Henderson protocol is a cheap but very powerful cancer treatment. This protocol can be used by anyone with cancer of any type. However, if the cancer is spreading rapidly, if it has already spread significantly, or is a particularly dangerous type of cancer, a stronger protocol is recommended. Some of the more powerful protocols are Cellect-Budwig, Cesium Chloride or the high radio frequency protocol. This treatment has been evaluated as an alternative treatment for stage III cancer and is not recommended for patients with advanced cancer. Such patients should use the Cellect-Budwig protocol or the Cesium chloride protocol or the high radio frequency protocol with Beta Glucan . They should use the Dirt Cheap protocol if they cannot afford one of the three mentioned treatments.

It is one of the mildest treatments.

Bill Henderson protocol explanation

Bill Henderson protocol

In most alternative treatments, the diet of cancer patients (everything the patient can eat and what he should not eat) is designed to avoid feeding cancer cells. That is not the case with this protocol either. With this protocol, diet is crucial and is an active part of treatment.

Save steamy scenes for the bedroom. Showering or bathing in water that’s too hot will dry out your skin and cause it to age prematurely. Warm water is much better. Apply moisturiser while your skin is still damp – it’ll be absorbed more easily. Adding a little olive oil to your bath with help keep your skin moisturised too.

Although you think that cheating, when it comes to the diet of cancer patients, by 10 percent will only affect the effectiveness of your treatment by 10 percent, that is not the case with this protocol. The patient with cancer must be fanatical and literally adhere to the diet, because it is an integral part of the therapy.

The purpose of the diet is to create a highly alkaline internal terrain in which microbes cannot survive. Since microbes are an integral part of cancer, nutrition is essential.

Super Moisturize Skin Naturally With Hyaluronic Acid. When we travel, are stressed, or experience extreme weather conditions, our skin can appear shriveled and dull. And, as we age, our skin becomes less resistant and may appear unhealthy. Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic acid) is a wonderful hydrophilic ingredient, which means it readily binds to water and gives super moisturizing properties.

Another unique thing about this treatment is that some aspects of the protocol are designed to buy time for the cancer patient. This means that even if the patient has done nothing else, the patient can survive much longer than would otherwise be the case.

This allows more time for the cancer to heal and thus allows the use of a milder treatment. Milder treatment means that cancer cells are killed at a slower rate, so there is less blockage (eg when it comes to patients with lung cancer), less inflammation and swelling (eg in patients with brain cancer), etc.

Have a solid breakfast with plenty of protein and fat. Eat meals and snacks at regular times every day.

How to prolong life ill

johanna budwigJohanna Budwig

Don’t worry about cancer cells being killed at a slower rate. The fact that the therapy buys time allows this treatment to be very effective, very fast, but without the high risk that can be caused by a high level of blockage, inflammation or swelling.

The things that buy time for the patient are a diet adapted to cancer patients, a barley product (which is cold-processed, and therefore a very effective product) and other supplements.

A very important part of this treatment that is designed to provide extra time is Budwig protocol which involves taking flaxseed oil and young cheese (Swabian cheese). This treatment quickly negates the harmful effects of cancer cells and helps protect non-cancerous cells. This is achieved by detoxifying the body and adjusting the charge in and around the cancer cells.

Take Time for Yourself. Taking care of our mental health is as important as taking care of our body. With our fast-paced lives it can sometimes seem difficult to make time for ourselves. We suggest planning a few moments every week to do just that. Why not sign yourself up for a yoga class? It could help you to clear your head and relax. Regardless of your interests, taking time for yourself can only be a good thing.

Bill Henderson protocol And it does not involve worrying about the sophisticated aspects of the Budwig protocol, because the basic part, flaxseed oil and Swabian cheese, is enough to provide energy to very weak cancer cells. It uses other things in relation to those that Johanna Budwig used to perform other tasks that the protocol should accomplish. Her book contains a wealth of information on the Budwig Protocol.

Products for immune system

There are several top immune building products within the protocol that the patient can choose. Beta glucan is one of the most effective. For those who have received a large amount of chemotherapy, this aspect of treatment is far-reaching due to damage to the immune system caused by chemotherapy. For those who have avoided any or most of the chemotherapy, they may quickly notice the benefits of this supplement because their immune system is still functioning.

If You Have Excess Belly Fat, Get Rid of it. Not all body fat is equal. It is mostly the fat in your abdominal cavity, the belly fat, that causes problems. This fat builds up around the organs, and is strongly linked to metabolic disease. Cutting carbs, eating more protein, and eating plenty of fiber are all excellent ways to get rid of belly fat.

In short, this is a top treatment that works quickly, which is mild and changes the internal terrain so that microbes cannot survive.

Complete Bill Henderson protocol can be found in Chapter 5 of his book: Cancer-free – Your guide to a mild, non-toxic cure ( Cancer-Free – Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing ). It is available as an e-book within its Web site.

Budwig diet mixture

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