Chronic Rhinosinusitis May Soon be Treatable with Medication

Chronic rhinosinusitis and Medical Therapy

CRS is a condition hard to treat with medication. Because of this, doctors usually seek the help of surgery.

Patients that suffer from the condition experience continuous and daily discomfort as they breathe. Not only that, but around 5% of the population in USA suffers from the condition. Giving additional cause to researchers in their quest to find a none-surgical alternative to its treatment.

The researchers observed sixty individuals with CRS and nasal polyps. For the purpose of the study, they were given a regimen of topical intranasal corticosteroid irrigations and short-oral corticosteroid taper.

Upon the completion of the study the researchers found 50% of the individuals had a reduction in symptoms. With this they show that it is possible to control symptoms of CRS without the need for surgery.

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