Dr. Mercola videos are now on Brighteon.com; Mercola unleashes damning video exposing Google’s racketeering and anti-trust FRAUD against health publishers

Three years ago, I sounded the alarm over Google censorship, warning the natural health community that Google was sidling up with Big Pharma and would begin de-listing all natural health search results, effectively blacklisting most natural health content.

The response from the natural health community was largely silence.

In private conversations, many natural health publishers told me they thought I was being censored because of my open support for President Trump (and opposition to Hillary Clinton). “The censorship was political,” they told me, even as I warned them they would be next. So there was no uprising against Google back in 2016 when their censorship attack began ramping up. In fact, some natural health publishers thought it was fantastic that Natural News search results were blacklisted by Google. For a short time, it allowed their own sites to receive more traffic that had been legitimately earned by Natural News (but scrubbed by Google).

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Fast forward to today. Now, every natural health publisher is all but blacklisted from Google. Anyone who opposes the agenda of Big Pharma and the mass drugging of the nation is now targeted for removal by Google, which has jumped into bed with Big Pharma. If you dare to question the safety of vaccine ingredients — or the scientific fraud behind Big Pharma’s FDA approvals — you are quietly silenced and removed from the search results of Google, YouTube and Facebook. Just as I had warned, every prominent natural health publisher is now censored across the tech giants. I was the first to be maliciously targeted and smeared, but once that effort was successful, they accelerated their censorship agenda to everyone else, including Dr. Mercola and thousands of other sites. Today, Dr. Mercola is fighting back against Google’s malicious censorship with a series of videos that are powerful and crucial for our time.

Dr. Mercola posts videos on Brighteon.com and unleashes a powerful, damning video explaining Google’s criminal racketeering and fraud

Just four days ago, Dr. Mercola — who has been hit with 99.9% censorship by Google — went public with a damning indictment of Google’s treacherous, even criminal racketeering and anti-trust practices.

The following video, uploaded under the Mercola channel on Brighteon.com, is a must-see video for all who care about health freedom and the criminal racketeering of the tech giants:

Dr. Joseph Mercola is one of the pioneers of online natural health knowledge that has provided enormous benefits to humanity, and Google’s malicious censorship of his site (and others, like Natural News) is clearly a case of criminal racketeering, especially given that Google is involved in the pharmaceutical industry.

According to Dr. Mercola’s video, Google is also about to jump into the vaccine industry, which explains the extreme censorship against vaccine truth information.

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Furthermore, over the last several years, Google has censored supplement ads on its Google Adwords platform while pushing prescription medication ads to the forefront. With the censorship of natural health sites now ramped up to insane levels, it’s clearly that Google is now functioning as the propaganda front for Big Pharma, making sure people never discover natural cures and prevention strategies that would deny profits to Big Pharma. These anti-trust crimes by Google, Facebook, YouTube and even Twitter need to be investigated and prosecuted at the highest levels. America is being turned into a “pharma state” that’s controlled by drug company interests and tyrannical tech giants which have utterly abandoned any pretense of respecting the earned search engine rankings for content that questions the status quo.
Google is flat-out conspiring with Big Pharma to turn hundreds of millions of Americans into drug patients by denying them access to lifesaving health information that could dramatically lower health care costs and save lives across our nation.

Google is evil. And this evil must be stopped.

Hint: We’re working on a new project that will make Google obsolete for natural health information, and Mercola’s content will be among the articles that are featured.

If humanity is to survive the scourge of Big Pharma and its evil tech partners like Google, humanity must declare war on Google and tear it down.

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