Glutathione, the Master Antioxidant


This word can be a little challenging to pronounce—that is until you receive your first dose! Once you try glutathione intravenously (which allows for higher doses to be administered), you likely won’t forget how to say this compounded amino acid again. GLU-TUH-THIGH-ON!

So What Is Glutathione?

Our bodies produce two major forms of glutathione—hepatic glutathione in the liver and intracellular glutathione in our cells. Glutathione is often referred to as the Master Antioxidant. It’s made of three precursor amino acids—glutamine, glycine, and cysteine. These amino acids come together in the liver and our cells to produce glutathione. Because glutathione is manufactured in the liver, it’s important that your liver is functioning optimally so that your body can utilize glutathione as an antioxidant and a key detoxification agent. Administering glutathione can mitigate any congestion or decreased function the liver has in producing its own glutathione.

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Glutathione is also produced in every cell in the body where it protects our cells from oxidative damage. Glutathione is capable of preventing damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen species such as free radicals, peroxides, and heavy metals..

Why Is Glutathione So Great?

Glutathione is essential to life. Without our body being able to produce glutathione, a wide array of symptoms can occur. We are constantly exposed to toxins—whether it be in trace amounts left on your produce, or inhaled in the air, from lotions or other topicals absorbed through your skin. Our environment is full of free radicals that build up in our system and end up manifesting in many various health conditions. This is why it is incredibly important to make detoxification a routine part of your life. Glutathione is just one potent effective way to reduce your body’s toxic load, while acquiring its other highly desired benefits. Benefits of glutathione include binding and eliminating heavy metals, increasing your immune function, protecting DNA for optimal cellular function, improving egg/sperm quality, regenerating vitamins such as C and E which support skin health to make you glow from the inside out. These are just a few of the benefits of glutathione.

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Additionally, glutathione can prevent and manage alcohol-induced fatty liver, cirrhosis, hepatitis and other miscellaneous liver conditions. It has also been shown to improve the prognosis in stroke victims. Glutathione has also been shown to cross the blood brain barrier, which is one of the reasons why it works well to decrease symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative/cognitive disorders. Glutathione levels are shown to be significantly reduced in these patients.

Glutathione has also been shown to be useful in preventing radiation injury before, during, and after various treatments.

At SFNM we have been doing glutathione pushes (an IV done with a syringe to inject glutathione directly into the bloodstream) for many years now, both to enhance the antioxidant and liver support effects of our other nutrient IVs and to specifically support certain conditions such as neurodegenerative conditions, chronic liver conditions, heavy metal toxicity and other conditions that respond to antioxidant and detoxification support. Our glutathione pushes are very popular with our patients doing nutrient IVs or seeking significant support for conditions benefited by glutathione.

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In Conclusion

During this pandemic we are currently faced with an unpredictable virus that we know spreads very easily. Glutathione has been shown to play a critical role in immune function, via white blood cell production, and it’s also a potent antiviral agent. Our glutathione levels decrease with age, stress, nutrition, and other factors which is why it’s so important to ensure your body is getting enough on a regular basis.

During this time of mandated Shelter in Place, as an essential business SFNM is still open on a reduced schedule to treat our patients with IV and other hands-on treatments. For a limited time, SFNM is offering a FREE intravenous glutathione push (in doses up to 600 mg), with any of the immune support IV’s we offer.
Dr. Jillian Shannon has a general naturopathic practice and specializes in regenerative medicine including BHRT, joint injections and IV therapies. She has been working closely with other practitioners specializing in functional endocrinology and anti-aging medicine with the use of stem cells, ozone, and PRP. She is available full time at SFNM and is accepting new patients.

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