Gong Therapy Studio Offers Healing Through Sound And Vibration

Feeling stressed or anxious? Dealing with a loss or life change? Maybe gong therapy can help.

At Sacred Wave Gong Immersions in Clawson Christopher Davis uses a variety of gongs to bring about healing and relaxation. Davis says gong therapy has been around for ages."It is a sacred practice. It is spiritual. It helps people to meditate, relax. Get in touch with their connection to source," said Davis.

His background in massage therapy and natural medicine were a natural fit to open a gong therapy studio.

The group sessions start with an introduction. Davis plays the gongs for 60 minutes, there's a period of silence.

Dr. Deanna Lites laid down on a meditation mat with a pillow, blanket and eye cover. After the gongs are played he gently wakes up the group and gives them chocolates.

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Davis says some of his clients visit a few times a week. A 90-minute session on a Tuesday or Thursday is $25. An 8 hours session is available for $150. Weekend appointments cost extra.Dr. Lites said she felt calm and alert at the end of the session.Davis holds events regularly in Clawson park. Able-bodied adults are recommended to donate $20 for these special sessions.