Homeopathy: Deal with anxiety naturally

Do never-ending worries assault you throughout the day and keep you awake at night? If you suffer from anxiety, it can make you feel nervous, restless, angry or sad — sometimes all at once. It can drive you to avoid certain events, people or situations or cause you to overplan for them. It eats away at your confidence and attentiveness, and it can even be accompanied by physical symptoms such as an increased heart rate, rapid breathing, headaches, stomach aches, weakness, tiredness and irritability.

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It’s no wonder that so many sufferers turn to modern medicine for relief despite the many dangers of these drugs and their poor efficacy. However, there is one path that many people are unfamiliar with that can be life-changing for some. Homeopathy is a very valid approach to addressing anxiety that comes without the side effects and other concerns related to taking psychiatric drugs.

Homeopathy is a type of complementary medicine this is used as a natural treatment for some health conditions, and anxiety is just one of them. It has been used for more than two centuries, and many people have found it to be effective. Best of all, when administered safely and correctly, homeopathy has very few side effects. Based on the idea that “like cures like,” it involves diluting specific substances in water to incredibly low or even undetectable levels. Here is a look at some of the homeopathic remedies that are used for anxiety.

Remember that sodas, granola bars, muffins, rice and soy milk, desserts and potatoes are extremely high in starch and sugars (and therefore carbohydrate calories). Artificial sweeteners are no good either…


Some homeopathy practitioners use aconite for sudden and intense bouts of anxiety, fear or panic that may be connected to past trauma.


Lycopodium is often used for people whose anxiety stems from a lack of self-confidence, such as those who fear speaking in public or have stage fright.


Pulsatilla is used for people who have childlike anxiety and need lots of support and reassurance from others in order to feel okay. A 2012 study that was published in the Homeopathy journal found that homoeopathic pulsatilla provided anti-anxiety effects in mice and was just as effective as anti-anxiety drugs, although it is worth noting that the study was not carried out in humans.

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Kali arsenicosum

People whose anxiety is health-based, such as those with hypochondria, a fear of heart attacks, a fear of dying, panic attacks, racing thoughts and those who groom excessively can sometimes be helped by kali arsenicosum.


Silica is often the homoeopathic remedy of choice for those who fear experiencing new things, being the center of attention or talking in front of others.

Arsenicum album

Homoeopathic practitioners sometimes use arsenicum album to alleviate anxiety that stems from a fear of loneliness, imperfection or darkness. For those who fear being alone and relieve their anxiety by controlling or criticizing others, it can be an effective remedy.

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According to Healthline, this is used for people who face anxiety because they feel inadequate in some way; such individuals may be timid or shaky and avoid crowds or open spaces. They may also desire solitude and be vulnerable to fainting.

Homoeopathic anxiety remedies that are made correctly should be diluted enough to be thoroughly safe despite containing toxic ingredients, but it is important to seek companies that have a good reputation to avoid serious side effects. Keep in mind that if you take conventional anxiety medicine, you should not suddenly stop; gradually withdraw to avoid problems.

If the idea of a natural anxiety remedy appeals to you but you are still on the fence about homeopathy, it is worth noting that there are other natural remedies that may help. Minerals like magnesium, herbs like passionflower, omega-3 fatty acids and a good multivitamin containing B complex can all help, as can mindfulness-based stress management approaches like relaxation and meditation.

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Homeopathy has been used for many years to treat issues like anxiety, and there are lots of other natural approaches that can help you find some relief without taking on the many drawbacks of conventional psychiatric drugs.

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