Leaky gut? Drinking green tea can help

Green tea is a nutritious and antioxidant-rich drink. The findings of a recent study also suggest that the consumption of green tea not only helps prevent obesity but also improves gut health to reduce leaky gut. The study was published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry and conducted by researchers from Ohio State University (OSU).

People drink green tea because it has many health benefits. Green tea is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds that help prevent cell damage. Studies also suggest that drinking green tea can boost cardiovascular health. (: So many teas, so little time: Which ones have the most health benefits?)

Green tea, good bacteria and leaky gut

The researchers set out to determine how drinking green tea affects weight gain. In the study, the researchers observed two groups of mice. One group that was fed a regular diet while the other was given a high-fat diet for eight weeks. For both groups of mice, half had green tea extract added to their food while the others didn’t receive the extract.

After eight weeks, the researchers noted that the group that received the high-fat diet and the green tea extract gained 20 percent less weight. The mice in this group also had decreased insulin resistance compared to the mice that didn’t receive the green tea extract. Both the mice in the high-fat/green tea extract group and the regular diet/green tea extract group had decreased leaky gut symptoms and healthier bacteria in their GI tract.

Richard Bruno, the study’s lead author and a professor of human nutrition at OSU, explained that the results suggest that green tea helps promote the growth of good gut bacteria. This growth is associated with many health benefits that can help lower the risk of obesity.

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Humans with leaky gut can suffer from widespread low-grade inflammation, a condition often linked to various health problems. Bruno advised that further research on humans is necessary to figure out how much tea a person needs to consume to enjoy the same benefits as the study subjects.

He added that instead of taking green tea supplements to relieve leaky gut, it would be better to consume cups of tea throughout the day during your meals. Bruno believes that continued research will help experts verify if the consumption of drinking green tea is an effective strategy for individuals who want to lower their risk of becoming obese.

How to maximize the benefits of green tea

If you want to enjoy some of the many benefits of green tea, follow these tips.

  • Purchase organic, high-quality green tea.Choosing organic tea ensures that you’re not exposed to harmful pesticides on other types of tea. Buy brands that have high epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). Studies suggest that this polyphenol in green tea possesses anti-cancer properties.
  • Try different types of green tea.Matcha, a green powder, can strengthen your immune system and improve mental clarity. Other types of tea include bancha, gyokuro, and sencha. Explore other varieties, which may offer other health benefits.
  • Prepare your green tea properly.Many people boil water for green tea, but this can give your tea a bitter taste. To prevent this, turn off the stove right before the water boils. When the water is ready, pour it into a mug then steep a tea bag in the water for three to five minutes.
  • Add fresh lemon juice to your green tea.Adding lemon and savoring your cup of green tea helps boost the health benefits of EGCG.

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Drink green tea regularly to boost your gut health and lower obesity risk.

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