Studies show homeopathic remedies no better than placebo

It has once again been proven that homeopathic medicine is fake medicine.

No reliable proof

Prof Paul Glasziou, an expert in evidence-based medicine at the Bond University on the Australian Gold Coast, and his team, finecombed 176 studies that investigated the homeopathic treatment of 68 diseases.

According to the Independent this was commissioned by the National Health and Medical Research Council .

Their conclusion was that there is no reliable proof that homeopathy is an effective treatment for these diseases.

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The Independent describes homeopathy as an alternative medicine based on the idea of diluting a substance in water, and according to the British NHS practitioners believe that the more a substance is diluted, the greater its power. Homeopathic remedies consist of substances that have been diluted so many times that there is nothing or almost nothing of the original substance left.

Prescribed for malaria and Aids

There is no effect besides the placebo effect.

It is a “therapeutic dead end”, Glasziou writes in a blog on the webpage of the British Medical Journal. He is shocked that it is prescribed even for malaria and Aids.

“People who choose homeopathy can endanger their lives if they postpone other treatments that have been proven as safe and effective,” Glasziou said.

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Understandably the homeopathic community is outraged at the findings of the MRC, especially those who use or sell homeopathic remedies. Currently the International Council for Homeopathy is leading a fundraising campaign to disprove the MRC document.

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