STUDY: Natural covid antibodies last at least a year after infection

A new study out of Finland has found that after becoming infected with the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), a person will maintain natural immunity against the disease for at least a year. Natural Chinese Virus antibodies, researchers found, will continue to exist inside a person’s body long after they recover from the disease. This means that nobody needs to take any “vaccines,” especially since said vaccines provide limited, if any, actual immunity. The peer-reviewed paper was accepted by the European Journal of Immunology on September 24.

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For their research, scientists at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare evaluated 1,292 individuals eight months after they all tested “positive” for the Fauci Flu. An astounding 96 percent of them were found to still be carrying neutralizing antibodies. Sixty-six percent also still carried a specific type of antibody called nucleoprotein IgG that also works to prevent subsequent infection with the Chinese Flu.

The scientists again looked at 367 randomly selected individuals from the same group a full year after they first tested positive for the Chinese Virus. None of these individuals had gotten injected, and still 89 percent of them carried neutralizing antibodies, and 36 percent still carried the IgG antibody.

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According to the study, antibody levels were highest in those who experienced the most severe manifestation of the disease. Compared to those with mild infections, severe cases were found to have up to seven times as many antibodies for at least 13 months post-infection.

“Studies of individuals who have recovered from [CCP virus] infection are crucial in determining for how long antibodies persist after infection and whether these antibodies protect against re-infection,” the scientists wrote.

Naturally acquired immunity also effective against Delta variant

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What is even more promising about the study’s findings is the confirmation that natural antibodies are also protective against the newer “variants” that the mainstream media keeps talking about.

For the “Delta” variant, which is said to be the predominant “strain” of the Wuhan Flu here in the United States, upwards of 80 percent of those who got sick a year ago from a non-variant now have immune protection against the Delta variant. This is incredible compared to the vaccines, which are actually causing the spread of Delta and other variants. The more people get injected, we are now seeing, the more sickness spreads.

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Another study published in the journal Nature Medicine also found that neutralizing antibodies provide lasting protection against the Chinese Virus, while vaccines do not. “Despite the robust and lasting protection after an infection, CCP virus vaccine mandates in the United States offer no exemptions based on acquired immunity,” reported The Epoch Times. “An Epoch Times review of vaccine mandates for U.S. colleges and universities didn’t find a single school offering exemptions to students who had acquired immunity. Recent mandates imposed on the state and federal level have likewise ignored acquired immunity.” This, of course, is the kind needed to end a pandemic. What this all means is that the best medicine for the Wuhan Flu is to simply get it and recover. Once that happens, a person will maintain lasting protection against future infections, allowing him or her to return back to normal life without having to wear a mask, get regular injections, and live in constant fear.

“There is no money in natural immunity,” noted one Epoch Times commenter about why these revelations will never hit the mainstream media.

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“Tell your Senators and Congressmen that you want acquired natural immunity to be taken seriously,” wrote another, suggesting a proactive approach to putting an end to all the covid tyranny.

“No reason to take experimental injection if you have the antibodies.”

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